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Founded in 2004, Global Food Solutions works to develop unique products that provide solutions to both the Food Service and School Food Service Industry. Focused on developing cutting edge products, with a keen eye for branding and package development, create innovative solutions to the Foodservice industry.


Global Food Solutions has Seven category-specific brands:

    1. Alfresco Italian Specialties (Italian Foods)

    2. Harvest Promise (Healthy condiments and Dressings)

    3. Bentley’s Bake Shoppe (High quality baked goods)

    4. Branson’s Roadhouse BBQ and Grill (American BBQ & Grill Products)

    5. Right Start Foods (Breakfast Food and Products)

    6. Tiajuana Tortilla (Mexican Product Line)











Through our custom solutions we are able to develop products to not only help the operator better service his customers, but the branding solutions to go with these products.


•    Experienced in working with research and development food professionals to create unique and innovative product solutions, which not only taste great but also resolve problems ranging from cost effectiveness to market recognition in the foodservice industry.

•    Responsible for managing a diverse variety of brands, across multiple business channels including food service, school food service, convenience store trade, alternative business channels, and chain accounts.

•    Accountable for overseeing creative direction to develop packaging ranging from printed film, labels, tray pack containers, printed bags, paper wrappers, sticker and marketing materials, trade show materials, websites, corrugated boxes, and much more.

•    In charge of research and development teams to create products that meet specific USDA guidelines and guidelines for products for school districts such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia public school systems.


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