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Michael is a dynamic and innovative Chef based in metropolitan New York, with a vision to drive healthy change. He is CEO of Global Food Solutions (developing healthy, affordable food products for schools and food service), Corporate Executive Chef and Marketing Director of Advantage Food Marketing (brokering and branding foodservice products), and Managing Partner of LineCor Distribution Solutions (providing 3PL scalable distribution and logistics solutions). 


He is a two-time alumnus from Johnson & Wales University, holding degrees in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management and Entrepreneurship. Since completing his studies, Michael has founded several multimillion dollar companies which include the development and launch of 7 major brands in the food service industry, navigating USDA regulation and developing food product to rigorous standards, and leading product development for some of North America's largest food manufacturers. 


Michael's work focuses on developing healthy alternative products for the school food service industry, specifically aimed at supporting local producers to maintain fresh, nutritious foods for school kids, and to sustain communities through supporting local business. Over the past year, through partnerships and products developed by Michael, his company [Global Food Solutions] has become one of the largest suppliers to New York City Public Schools (Largest school district in america), serving over 1.3 million students on any given day, and an additional 2+ million students around the country daily.


He is an outspoken supporter of No Kid Hungry - a campaign aimed at ending child hunger in America - and an advocate for school breakfast programs. In recent past, Michael was invited to attend three Forbes 30 Under 30 Summits (in the U.S. and Israel).

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